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Why some religions forbid eating certain animals?


It is well known fact that Hindus don’t eat beef and Muslims don’t eat pork. But what is the rationale behind these beliefs?

Hinduism originated 5000 years ago. At that time people were heavily dependent on cows. The cows’ milk provided nutrition to clans, bulls were used to plow the fields and pull carts. So Hindus started considering cows as mothers. From this aspect, the custom of not killing cows originated.
Even today cows are considered sacred in India.

On the other hand, theres is no clear explanation found for Muslims not eating pork. It is said that prophet Mohammad forbid eating pork. This may be due to the fact that in ancient times lots of people died after eating uncooked pork. Pork was also considered a filthy animal by nature and thus was avoided.


How did ancient Egyptian civilization collapse?


Egypt was a massive and prosperous civilization of great pyramids around 2700 BC (known as the Old Kingdom). But in 2200 BC, the civilization collapsed due to apocalypse lasting 100 years! Some Egyptologists found evidence in hieroglyphics that situation went so bad the people turned into cannibals!

Scientists believe that this incident happened due to a sudden catastrophic climate change which caused very low flood in Nile decade after decade, which led to widespread famine in Nile delta.

Source: a BBC documentary “Ancient Apocalypse” in 2012.