Satvizm – between minimalism and consumerism

The minimalism and consumerism are two extreme end-isms. Satvizm is the middle ground

Satvizm = satisfaction from what you have

DefinitionMore materialistic possessions is the goalBeing satisfied with what you have currentlyLive with as fewer possessions as possible
Number of followersBillions – this is what most people believeNew concept May be few million
Material possession numbersHighThere is no high or low. What you have is right.Low
Satisfaction Moving goalpost – you always feel next possession
will give you the happiness you want
Does not require you to increase or decrease your stuff
You have the just right amount of stuff
Take you time to decide whether you want more or less
Reduce stuff to increase happiness,
then crave for same items later
Table: showing where satvizm fits?


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