Being Famous

A person can be of famous under several categories. The first question is when one is considered famous?

In general we can say the following

the person is featured in mainstream media [newspaper, TV] often
the person is best selling author
the person is seen frequently in movies
the person has invented/discovered something big or important
the person owns/leads big business
the person has done excellent for social reform
the person is a maestro i.e. top end performer in his/her field e.g. singer, sportsperson etc.

Above categories are for famous living people. A person may be famous in one geography but not in other geography. For a person to be globally famous, s/he needs to be recognizable or well known in at least 3 continents.

We can also divide famous people between living and dead categories. Some people are famous even many years after their deaths e.g. Einstein, Shakespeare, Tutankhamen etc.

In the dead famous people category, following professions came out top

Emperors who have built something which still stand today e.g. Khufu’s pyramid or Shajahan’s Taj Mahal
Great Warriors e.g. Shivaji, Taimur Long, Alexander the Great, Julius Caeser, Hitler
Scientists whose inventions we still refer today e.g. Newton, Einstein
Artists or authors e.g. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Charlie Chaplin
Politicians or social reformers e.g. Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nightingle, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, Joan of Arc

Please be aware that people can be notorious yet famous. While most famous people touched people’s lives in positive ways there were few evil famous people too.

Sometimes famous is a subjective word. A lot of YouTube stars are famous in today’s world whereas a large number of people don’t consider these people to be famous at all.

Few categories of past famous people have kind of disappeared. We don’t have warriors or emperors any more, they have been replaced by politicians.

We also have some new categories like entrepreneurs and tech stars e.g. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk

It is to be noted that while some famous people made huge amount of money and wealth, a lot of them did not have much money.

So to summerize, what makes a person famous, we can say
touched several people with their deeds (mostly positively)
convinced and inspired a lot of people to achieve their potential
left heritage even after their death for improving others’ lives e.g. authors, scientists

How one can be famous now?

This might sound an odd question because most famous people so far did something extraordinary which made them famous. So asking the question what I need to do to become famous takes a very different perspective.

My view on this, you can do it in 2 days – by involving other people do achieve something great or do it yourself.

If you need team, you can become an entrepreneur and build a great business. You can also become a politican and get elected. You can build something big like pyramid which will stay years even after your death.

If you want to do it of your own, then easiest option is to write something which will make people want to read it. Writing does not require any special tools. In contrast, to invent something (unless purely theoretical) it is often necessary to do several experiments.

Writing anything on technology is likely to be obsolete in few years. One can build useful software and that may catch on, making one famous – at least for modern times.

Most classical authors, who books are still read by many, years after their death, wrote on something involving human emotions. Since human emotions did not change much in last 5000 years, it is expected that it won’t change much in next 5000 years as well. This is why Geeta written 3500 years back is still relevant today (though many can’t interpret it due to old language which has changed a lot).

How you want to be famous? Let me know your thoughts below.

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