Why you can’t smile in passport photos?

Usually authorities in most countries specify that one should have neutral face in passport photos. So what is wring in smiling in passport photos?

A clear reason was never stated by any authority although official version sometime states that it will be difficult for some facial recognition software to work if people smile in passport photos.

Also during immigration check, people are expected to resemble their passport photos. If they have a smiling face then immigration officers would be expected to smile back. This may cause strain to those officials who work for several hours checking hundreds of people.

Usually same restriction applies for all other identification photos like driving license etc.


2 Responses to “Why you can’t smile in passport photos?”

  1. moumitamou Says:

    simply too good to be true

  2. David Says:

    In the UK you cannot smile because it “interferes” with the biometric details stored on the chip in your passport.

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