Why no one is going to Moon nowadays?

Isn’t it strange that after man went to moon between 1969 and 1972, no one went there since then?

No, I am not trying to revive the conspiracy theory. Let’s not argue whether man really went to moon in 1969. Even if we assume they didn’t everyone believes at least now we have the technology to carry people to moon. But why no one is going anymore?

Mainly due to cost. Moon mission will be hugely expensive in today’s economy and it will not bring anything which is of advantage. In cold war era, it was a vanity project for USA to show USSR that US could send man to moon first. Such competition is not valid anymore and so politicians are unwilling to allocate any large budget for moon mission. There was a plan for sending men to moon again in 2020 by NASA but Obama dismissed it. NASA currently have plans to send manned mission to Venus/Mars so Moon is no longer a priority.

Why other countries are not sending their men to Moon? Again, money is a factor. China and India currently spending a lot on their space programs and they might send people to Moon one day but not in next few years.


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