Why CO2 is taxed even though plants use them to release oxygen?

Usually most new cars are now taxed on carbon dioxide emission nowadays. A car which emits more CO2 are taxed more.

But CO2 are required by trees! During the photosynthesis process, they absorb CO2 and release oxygen.

So technically we should release more CO2 so that plants can produce more oxygen.

Now there are two sides of this story. Usually the authorities claim that there are not enough trees to absorb this much carbon dioxide produced. However, the opponents say it is not easy to calculate how many exact trees are needed to balance the amount of CO2 produced by cars. Since governments often love to find an excuse to tax more, they love the environmentalist argument and try to convince people that CO2 emission is entirely evil. Mind you, CO2 itself is not the worst element to come out of a car’s exhaust! Also, it is not that all CO2 is produced by human activity alone – in fact human is responsible for less than 5% generation of CO2. The rest are generated by nature itself.



2 Responses to “Why CO2 is taxed even though plants use them to release oxygen?”

  1. thismightbepropaganda Says:

    Scientists have found that soil samples from periods in earth’s history when CO2 levels were much higher than today (even though there were no cars or industry which is weird) have a much higher biomass. In other words CO2 stimulates plant growth. (Just as more hamburgers stimulate fatter bellies for humans!).

    Imagine every blade of grass, every leaf, every bit of algae on earth and in the sea just a tiny fraction bigger and in more abundance, breathing in all that extra yummy CO2.

    This is how the earth stays in balance and harmony.

    I still think we should still pay CO2 taxes to the ruling elite though, if only to alleviate the sense of demoralising guilt they have indoctrinated us all to feel about being alive, via government education and mass media.

    Different kind of religion….. same old scam.

    “You sin by virtue of existing therefore you need to pay us money as penance blah blah blah….”

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